Furniture & Living Expo

Furniture and Living Expo is one of Pakistan’s well-appointed Furniture Expo platforms where you can purchase furniture, decorative accessories, office equipment, couches, children’s and garden furniture, etc. available under one roof at low prices. The goal is to directly contact the average citizen and creative, classy furniture brands in Pakistan.

Furniture and Living Expo will showcase a world-class range of Home, Office, School, Bank, Hospital, Greenhouse, Outdoor, Public, Warehouse furniture for domestic consumption and export purposes. Apart from serving as a forum for those seeking full access to their handcrafted goods by talented artisans, Furniture and Living Expo are also expected to serve as the ideal breeding ground for joint ventures to develop Pakistan’s furniture industry. Overseas investors have a rare opportunity to connect with local counterparts. Put, and Furniture and Living Expo is the best opportunity for manufacturers, dealers, exporters, furniture and accessories retailers, interior designers, and entrepreneurs to discover the most up-to-date equipment, machinery, and goods domestic and foreign furniture markets.

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Furniture Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan is the 6th largest country according to population and has 220 million people residing in here making it one of the most lucrative markets.

Moreover, Pakistanis have an average spending potential.

The approximate total furniture sale of the country in 2014-15 was more than $2.5 billion and has increased enormously in the last couple of years.

A huge gap exists in demand and supply of cost-effective yet of high-quality furniture and provides opportunities for business.

Pakistan is known as the home of artisans and the Pakistan furniture industry has a lot of potentials to be explored if tapped rightly.

Selling products to the world’s 6th largest population holds promise for immediate returns and long term customer building.

Furniture & Living Expo